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about 1 month ago

NHs summer session & 

CCSS virtual summer school

This summer students will have the option of taking summer school classes through the CCSS Online Summer School program. Students may register to retake up to two classes that they have previously failed.  Additionally, students who failed a course with a 55-69 may be eligible to repair the credit this summer through NHS Summer Session to earn a 70, if recommended by the teacher of the original course.  

If you are interested in CCSS Summer School or the NHS Summer Session, please complete the attached form. If you have any questions, please email NHS Summer School & Summer Sessions Teacher Elizabeth Lynch or NHS Administrator Phyllis Hall.



2 months ago


Applying for financial aid for your post secondary education can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Your counselors are here to bridge the gap. Below, you will find links to useful resources, and various schools financial aid departments. These resources will be helpful as you begin the financial aid process. 


Where do i begin?

  • The FSA ID is the username and password you use on federal student aid websites such as and
  • Be sure to keep your username somewhere safe because you will need it each year when you reapply for financial aid

  • The FAFSA can be completed as early as October 1st.
  • When filling out your FAFSA, you will need your parents' tax information from the previous year.
  • The FAFSA must completed by everyone, including those who qualify for HOPE and ZELL MILLER Scholarships

​Step 3: Visit the financial aid website for the college you wish to attend​


Did you know that starting with the Class of 2015, HOPE has a rigor component?

 Students and parents are responsible for researching and enrolling in the classes that provide the rigor requirements needed for the HOPE scholarships.

How do I Find my HOPE GPA?
Your Gafutures account houses a wealth of information, including your HOPE GPA and whether you have met your rigor requirement.  After each semester, NHS transcripts are uploaded to your account and your HOPE GPA/Rigor information is updated.




 For questions regarding NCAA Eligibility please see Mr. Barnes in the counseling office!

For more information about NCAA Eligibility, be sure to come to our "FAFSA, NCAA, NAIA and Scholarship Night" on November 11, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Main Cafeteria

Click the NCAA icon to visit the NCAA Eligibility Center


Scholarship applications may require additional documents, such as a high school transcript, a copy of the student's federal Student Aid Report (SAR), letters of recommendation, and an essay. Review the application requirements carefully, and be sure to include all required supporting documents.

When applying, make sure that the current scholarship year has been updated by the organization. Check due dates as well, as many organizations create their own deadlines.

Use caution for scholarship companies that make you pay a fee to be a member. You should be able to access many scholarships without paying any fees.​

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about 1 month ago


Please visit Ms. Davis, our registrar, to request your transcript.  She is located near the main lobby, 
​next to the attendance office.
Contact: Amy Davis

​If you requesting transcripts for a graduate from the Class of 2016 or prior, please click here.

​**Please visit the NHS Attendance office to request Certificates of Attendance and ADAP reports.


 Math and Physics before school/after school tutoring. Click here for details.

 Coweta County also provides a list of area tutors that you can hire to help you in a subject.  You can contact the tutor directly to learn about their cost and availability. If you have questions about the tutor list  please contact Kathy Wainwright. 

770-254-2800 ext. 2008




To sign up for the ACT:
You will need the following:
1.  A current transcript

2.  A credit card or a *Fee Waiver

3. About 30-45 minutes
(for first time testers)

 **You may receive a fee waiver if you get free or reduced lunch. See Mrs. Sweatman in the counseling office

Study site for the ACT:
ACT Test Prep


To sign up for the SAT:

You will need the following:
1.  A current transcript
2.  A credit card or a
​ *Fee Waiver
3. About 30-45 minutes
(for first time testers)

 **You may receive a fee waiver if you get free or reduced lunch. See Mrs. Sweatman in the counseling office

SAT Practice Website:


The PSAT will take place at Newnan High School on October 16, 2019.

Juniors who wish to possibly qualify for the National Merit Scholarship may sign up and pay the $20 fee to Ms. Staples in the 300 office. The deadline for payment is September 27.


This test is a entrance exam given by all state technical institutions. ​

To sign up for the ACCUPLACER, see Mrs. Sweatman in the counseling office.

Study sites for the Accuplacer:


For more ACCUPLACER practice, email and request a username and password.

Login here using your username and password 


The ASVAB is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. This test measures student aptitude in 12 vocational-technical institutions.

To Sign up for the ASVAB, see Mrs. Sweatman in the Counseling office 

Study site for  the ASVAB:


2 months ago

Newnan High School Counseling Department Beliefs

  • Every student has the ability to set goals and reach full potential.
  • Every student has the right to participate and benefit from the school counseling program.
  • Every student has the right to explore and celebrate their individual and cultural uniqueness.
  • The school counselors will be accessible and advocate for every student to ensure safety and maximized academic achievement.​
  • The school counselors will continually develop a data driven comprehensive counseling program which will work to close identified achievement gaps.​
  • The school counselors will collaborate with family, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders in order to ensure student success.​
  • The school counselors will abide by the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors to make informed decisions which lead to the well-being of every student

NHS Counseling is Meeting the Challenge

Secondary school counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges presented by today's diverse student population.

NHS Counselors Implement the School Counseling Program by Providing:


Peer Facilitation

Referrals to Outside Agencies

Consultation and Collaboration

Individual and Small-group Counseling

Individual/Family/School Crisis Intervention


Professional Development

Program Management and Operation

Consultation, Collaboration, and Teaming


Goal Setting

Academic Plans

Career Plans

Problem Solving

Transition Plans

Education in self, including strengths and weaknesses 


Career Planning

Coping Strategies

Academic Skills Support

Substance Abuse Education

Multicultural and Diversity Awareness

Career Awareness and The World of Work

Organizational, Study and Test-taking Skills

Education in Understanding Self and Others

Peer Relationships and Effective Coping Skills

Postsecondary Planning and Application Process

Communication, Problem-solving, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, and Study Skills

SENIORS: Class of 2020

2 months ago

For assistance on how to sign up for the ACT or SAT, please see our testing, transcript, and tutoring page

Financial Aid Information:

The first step for every student, including those applying for HOPE, is to fill out the FAFSA.  Students can do this as early as October 1, 2019 by using 2018 tax year information. ​Visit our Scholarship page for more information.

Counselor Recommendation: 

Please visit the Counseling Office to pick up a hard copy of the form. Submit the completed form to your counselor if you need a letter of recommendation for a college, military, or scholarship. Please allow your counselor at least 10 days to complete your recommendation.

Interested in a Technical Program? Click the image to the right, choose a program, and find a college. 

  • There are many technical schools in Georgia, offering programs to get you educated and out in the workforce.
  • Remember to sign up for the ACCUPLACER in the counseling office.

Information on various Technical Programs


Your HOPE GPA is extremely important. After each semester, your transcript is uploaded to the GAfutures site. You are able to access your hope GPA through your GAfutures account. Please visit our Paying for College page under the HOPE Scholarship section for more information. Click on the image to the right to be taken to GAfutures. 

GA Futures

Your Counselors

Mike Barnes

Last Names A-G

Pam Lewis

Lead Counselor

Last Names H-L

Laura Orozco

Last Names M-Z

JUNIORS: Class of 2021

2 months ago

National Merit Scholarship

Juniors wanting to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship should register for the October 16th PSAT. To sign up for the exam, please see Ms. Staples in the 300 office; the cost of the exam will be $20. The deadline to sign up and for pay for the exam is September 27.

SAT Practice

Khan Academy is a great practice tool to help prepare for the SAT. Click on the image to the right to be taken to Khan Academy SAT Practice.

Khan Academy SAT Prep

GA Futures

Your HOPE GPA is extremely important! After each semester, your transcript is uploaded to the GA futures site. You are able to access your HOPE GPA through your GA futures account. Please visit our Paying for College page under the HOPE Scholarship section for more information. Click on the image to the right, to be taken to GA futures.

GA Futures

Your Counselors

Mike Barnes

Last Names A-G

Pam Lewis

Lead Counselor

Last Names H-L

Laura Orozco

Last Names M-Z


9 months ago

What does it mean to be college and career ready?

College and Career Ready is defined by the content knowledge, skills, and habits that students need to be successful after high school whether that means in post-secondary education or training that leads to a career pathway.


There are many career resources that can assist you as you try to determine your plans after high school. Below, you will find resources to help you explore various pathways.

Georgia Career Information Center

The Georgia Career Information Center operates the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS). Working with educational and labor market professionals. GCIS contains assessments, explorations, and search strategies as well as the most comprehensive and accurate state and national occupational and educational information. This program offers a multitude of resources for students including several interactive components--occupation sort, school sort, skills assessment, interest assessment, and scholarship sort. Students may access GCIS in the library/career center of online at Username and password are required! Please see your counselor to obtain the school's username and password.

Gafutures Career Exploration

Students can take assessments to learn which careers may be of interest. They can also save the information in their gafutures account.

Big Future

This link to the College Board's website offers suggestions for getting started as you explore careers and majors. It offers links to information on how to turn interests into jobs, identifying careers that require a college education, college admissions, paying for college, and more.

This site, produced by the Department of Defense, provides information on career opportunities, military options, and personal finance for individuals not planning to attend college

Occupational Outlook Handbook

A source of career information providing valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their professional futures.  The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Georgia Department of Labor

The mission of the Georgia Department of Labor is to advance workforce development and economic growth through employment, unemployment, workplace safety and training services. Includes occupational information and outlooks in Georgia.

SOPHOMORES: Class of 2022

2 months ago


Please click on the image to the right to view the Sophomore Parent Night Presentation from February 14, 2020.


PSAT Practice

Khan Academy

College Board

Home-school students wanting to take the PSAT should contact Ms. Donna Staples ( or 770-254-2880 ext. 8002) to sign up for the exam. The cost is $20, and the deadline to sign up and for pay for the exam is September 27.

Have you completed your YouScience yet?

  • Go to your Infinite Campus Student Portal
  • Select SLDS on the left side menu
  • Select My Career Plan
  • Scroll down to YouScience 


GA Futures

Your Hope GPA is extremely important. After each semester, your transcript is uploaded to the Ga futures site. You are able to access your HOPE GPA through your GA futures account. Please visit our Paying for College page under the HOPE Scholarship section for more information.

Georgia Futures

Your Counselor

Keri O'Neill

10th Grade Counselor

FRESHMAN: Class of 2023

2 months ago

GA Futures

Your HOPE GPA is extremely important! After Fall semester, your transcript is uploaded to the Ga futures site. You are able to access  your HOPE GPA through your GA futures account. Please visit our Paying for College page under the HOPE Scholarship section for more information.

Georgia Futures

Want to learn more about yourself?

Click on the picture to your right to take career assessments and an interest profiler

Career assessments and interest profiler

Your Counselor

Candice Sears

9th Grade counselor

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2 months ago

8th Grade Transition Nights

We will have 8th Grade Transition Nights on February 10th and 11th from 6:30-8:00 PM. 

February 10th: Evans Middle School, Odyssey Charter School, and Coweta Charter School

February 11th: Smokey Road Middle School and Madras Middle School


2 months ago

Required Steps for Dual Enrollment:

1. Take required admissions exam for the school you are interested in attending:

  • University of West Georgia (UWG): ACT or SAT 
  • West Georgia Technical College (WGTC): ACCUPLACER, SAT, or ACT​

* Students need to create accounts with ACT and SAT and a fee is required in order to take these exams. The SAT and ACT are given on various Saturdays throughout the year. Scores must be sent to the school you are interested in attending when you sign up for the exam. There is a fee associated with requesting scores after the test date.

*For students wanting to take the ACCUPLACER, they can register to take the free test at Newnan High School in the main counseling office, or any Wednesday at WGTC. To take the ACCUPLACER at WGTC, you will need to bring a photo ID and know your Social Security Number. Exams cannot be started after 4pm.

2. Apply and be accepted to the college of your choice.

  • DO NOT pay the application fee! 
  • There is no application fee required for Dual Enrollment through UWG or WGTC.
  • UWG requires that you send your transcript. 
    • Sending your transcript can be done through your account. If you need help sending your transcript through your gafuture account, click here.

3. Complete the Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement with your Newnan High School Counselor.
  • This ensures that your Individual Graduation Plan is updated appropriately and you stay on track for graduation.​
  • For students who have already taken Dual Enrollment classes, you only need to submit the GA DOE Participation Agreement. 
    • Stop by the counseling office and fill out the hard copy of the form  
    • OR
    • Download this form, complete it, and email it to

4. Register for classes at your college.
  • Both Ms. Tamara Moore (UWG) and Ms. Benn (WGTC) will visit NHS throughout the year to meet with students who have applied to these colleges. 

5. Meet with your counselor to go over both your schedules
  • If you drop or change classes, you MUST notify your counselor
  • If you do not provide your counselor with your schedule, your funding approval could be delayed or denied which could result in you having to pay for the class!

6. Complete the Dual Enrollment Online Application through

UWG Contact Information:

Tamara Moore


Phone: 678-839-3081

UWG Admissions Requirements

enrollment and admissions requirements

WGTC Contact Information:

Tia Benn


Phone: 844-280-0100


WGTC Participation Agreement

WGTC Dual Enrollment Information

WGTC Dual Enrollment and Admissions Requirements        

Work-Based Learning

What is Work-Based Learning?
Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an opportunity for you to link your class work and career interests with a paid job or unpaid internship. You leave school during your assigned WBL block/s and receive class credit for your job/Internship and WBL assignments. Work-Based Learning is available for morning or afternoon blocks.

What are the requirements for Work-Based Learning?

  • You must be 16+
  • On-track for graduation
  • Provide your own transportation to work
  • Have good attendance and behavior
  • Submit a Work-Based Learning Application
  • IF ACCEPTED, must attend orientation at CEC during the FIRST 5 days of the semester
Interested in Work-Based Learning? Click the link below to apply. Check your school email for more information.
NHS Work-Based Learning Online Application

Georgia Virtual School

For information on Georgia Virtual School, please click here.

New Student Enrollment

If you are new to Newnan High School, welcome to the Cougar Family! 

Please contact the Central Registration Office at 770-254-2800.