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History of NHS

 History of Newnan High School


1828 Newnan, Georgia, was founded.
1887 Newnan City School System was established -- Grades 8-11
1888 Newnan High School was built on the corner of Jackson Street and Temple Avenue and was
called Temple Avenue School. First class graduated in 1888.
1911    Public transportation was available.
1916 First school officially named Newnan High School.
First graduating class selected:
- the school colors, blue and white for French teacher Mrs. Blue, and P.E. coach Mr. White
- the mascot, Tigers
- the name of the newspaper, Tiger Tracks
- the yearbook, Empyrean
1919 Accreditation was granted by the Southern Commission on Accredited Schools.
1935 Sixty students graduated from Newnan High School.
1946 Compulsory attendance law was passed for students from ages 7 to 16 years.
1949 Twelfth grade added. Eighth grade was no longer in high school.
1951 Bond referendum passed for money to build new high school because the old one was
outdated and too small for the population.
1952 Temple Avenue School became the Newnan Junior High School.
- The new Newnan High School opened at 190 LaGrange Street.
1966 Drake Stadium was built and named for Homer W. Drake, Sr., superintendent of Newnan City
School until 1964.
1970 Central High School which had served black students since 1954 and Newnan High School
merged to integrate the schools.
- Central High housed the 9th and 10th grades.
- Newnan High housed the 11th and 12th grades.
- The Central Panthers and Newnan Tigers became the Cougars; the colors, blue and gold;
and the yearbook, the Ephemera.
1976 Newnan Junior High School was demolished.  A city park was erected on the site.
1980 Field house was built for athletic teams.  400 building was built to house the math department.
1990 400 building housed English classes.  900 building was built to house the math department.
1995 New gym was built and named to honor Max Bass, football coach.
2000 Central High became the site for the Central Education Center.
2006 Ninth Grade Building was erected to be a self-contained building for all ninth grade classes.
2011 Began demolition to Drake Stadium at the close of the 2011 football season.
2012 The new Drake Stadium was unveiled at the Class of 2012's graduation ceremony.